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Words can never really do this justice, but I'm going to say some anyway! I have seen a lot of art that spoke true to it's namesake, bu...

First off this is quite a treat to see as I rarely get the chance to gaze upon such combination works on a regular basis. To be honest ...

Agent 47 is one of the biggest badass in gaming; he's calculative, versatile, and above all else ruthless. This drawing helps to identi...

This will take it's place as some of the best, most inspired, defiantly well-thought out, and detailed OCs I have ever had my joy to co...

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I have the power! Chap.6 Greater power!
 Yes this is late, but hey it's here anyway.
 Haci: Gotta have a lame excuse with no concept of time to confuse the readers, right babe?
 Enough out of you!
    Instead of being scared or shocked though the Gepo was actually sporting a wild tusky smile getting up and walking towards the newly powered up Exade with an out stretched hand, " Glady, show me your power,"!
  With that the Gepo warrior shot out numerous lasers at Haci who simply formed a shield around himself not with his Nth metal but with the very energies he had stored in himself causing the attacks to bounce off and land elsewhere creating massive explosions everywhere one of which vaporized a entire mountain range!
    Suddenly sensing something behind him the anti-hero teleported away from a point black laser aimed at his head from the back, " Fool me once shame on you," Exade laughed as he reappeared right next to Yafe, " Fool me twice,-".
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Far out: Page 2

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Economics done right!
    Hey my Fateful friends I just wanted to share this piece of financial advice you all, because in a world that's dominated by paper currency this knowledge is priceless!
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Nerds turned badass!: Part 2

 Fateful: Okay here's the second part, and if you're here ya obviously read the first!
 Aladdin: Let the action re-commence!
    Spidy prepared to dodge the blow except something strange happened, he couldn't move as quick like before allowing for the assassin to score a hit right across the hero's chest plate, opening up a small gash in the suit!
    " Woah, that was too close, almost became Spider-half-man there, " Peter quipped as he tried shooting a web in an attempt to evade Travis's onslaught, only for the otaku to grab it out of the air, " Denied,"!
    Roughly pulling the Spider in the badass Otaku elbowed him in the face hard enough to dent the metal mask, not stopping in the attack he then grabbed hold of Peter's knee and neck preforming a brutal seat belt toss, then punt kicked him away into a near-by hotdog stand, " Now you're with the
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Nerds turned badass!:The brawl! Pt.1

 Fateful: The blades are out!
 Red hood: And webs are spun!
 Aladdin: So there's really only one thing to say now....
    ' Riiiing riiiing riiinng'!    'Riiing Riiiinnnnng'!
    A phone rang out in a somewhat clustered motel room full of wrestling tapes, tons of anime merchandise, and swordsmanship videos. It wasn't long before the rudely awakened man in the apartment's only bed awakened with great annoyance.
    " Gaaahhhh, what the fuck, who calls this early in the morning," groaned the receiver of the upcoming call, rubbing his eyes and dragging himself out of bed to pick up his phone while his cat climbed up to cuddle his face.
    " Good morning Travis, I hope you slept well, you have a busy day ahead of you," spoke a sultry female voice Travis kn
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I have the power! Chap.5 Enjoy your power!
 Wow what do ya know I'm writing this next chapter this early!
 Haci: Yep look at you actually showing competence for once!
 Ignoring that comment let's get this story underway!
    " Okay let's test the current scope of my powers," Haci thought excitedly as he jumped to a large deserted island somewhere in the Atlantic.
After waking up, eating a healthy breakfast, and using his Wayne tech laptop to find a great training ground to test the current limits of his new powers Haci was elated to test them out, both the suits current capabilities after that explosion from the shipping warehouse, the run in with that elephant thing, and this new Match energy. 
    Zipping up his survivor jumpsuit Haci got to it!
    Deciding to test out his skills without any amour enhancements Haci ran up to a giant palm tree climbing it in a
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Nerds turned badass!: Part 1. Prelude

    Note from author: Before anything else we are now on our 3rd and last brawl in our trilogy ender of Season 2!
 Fateful: Nerds, those guys that in most media get pushed around by the more popular members of the school and talked down on constantly for not meeting their peers viewpoints on society.
 Red hood: And that makes it all the more exciting when they raise above all that and add badassery to their already impressive list of achievements!
 Aladdin: Like Spider-man the poster boy of Marvel!
 Fateful: And Travis Touchdown the uncrowned king!
 Red hood: And we are here to test their abilities in a Fatefulbrawl!    
    ( Both Spider-man and Travis appear in the mansion)
    Spider-man: Odd, I usually don't get teleported to different universes this time of year.
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Far out: Page 1

> Bigi: Woah this place is great for training! Glad me and Rang found it before someone else did, now to clear that other tree over there.

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Far out: Title page by Fatefulbrawl Far out: Title page :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 4
Heroes of legend!: The brawl Pt.3

 Fateful: I trust my readers have seen the first 2 parts of this brawl series so we won't recap anything, but we'll say this.
 Aladdin: Also this may or may not be the last part to this brawl, if it is the last one then we'll put the words: last round, in the brawl before the final confrontation, so without further aduo let's resume!
    It appears Link's prediction was accurate as a giant armored kraken rivaling him in size raised from the seas depths entangling the hero's weapons in it's many arms while pushing him down into the sea hoping to drown the Elven knight, and if Link actually needed to breath then that would indeed be a problem.
    To bad for the creature Link didn't have such a weakness so he fought for control with him, all the while Gil peppered the Hyrulian with high heat lasers scorching the young man in the most visible parts of his body; mostly the face, while the Kraken
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Do what's really right! by Fatefulbrawl Do what's really right! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 3
Chrysos the half-angel!

His theme: 
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Heroes of legend!: The brawl Pt.2

  Red hood: If you read part 1 then we have no need for a recap, I trust our readers have better memory then that!
 Fateful: So without further ado, let's ride! ( Oh and here's part three: 
    After getting over his feelings of euphoria Gilgamesh pulled out another treasure from the Gates this time a sword that matched his previous spears in power sending it rocketing towards the mountain Link as traveling down but the Hyrulian saw it coming so he simply sped up his bike faster launching off the final cliff before...
    The explosion totaled the mountain top entirely but missed the Elvan knight by a mile as he successfully cleared the blast with little difficulty his spring suspicion motorbike landed safely on the ground just half a mile from Gilgamesh's own, said King of heroes was actually glad
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Yuichiro Hyakuya brawls as the Seraph!

Gender:    Male
Age:    8 (Catastrophe, Vampire Reign Chapter 1)
12:     (Michaela, Vampire Reign Chapter 1)
16:     (Chapter 2)
Height:    170 cm (5'7")
Weight:    59 kg (130 lbs)
Favorite food: Curry
Birthday:    October 16, 2004
Blood type:    A
Favorite color:    Blue
    Feats: Survived being apart of the Seraph project that could destroy the world
> Is now only 9/10ths human because of it
Escaped his parents trying to kill him as a 8 year old
Escaped a human farm as a 12 year old run by the vampires with his families help
Survived the slaughter of his family at the hands of Ferid at the age of 12
> Even manages to catch the vampire noble off guard and shot him point blank with a pistol in the head:
At age 16 became one of the top 5 cadets in the Japan
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Heroes of Legend!: The Brawl! Part 1
 Red hood: The Gates on Babylon have been opened!
 Aladdin: And the Master sword has been polished and sharpened!
 Fateful: Looks like both heroes are ready........... ( Here's parts 2 and 3 here: and )
 All: FOR A FATEFUL BRAWL!!!!!!!!!!
    " This world is very unlike any I've ever been to before, everywhere I look it's one mythical race after the other, seems they also have access to certain types of magic, this requires further investigation," Thought a well build man blond haired man soaking in a hot spring.
The world he was referring to was one of fantasy mere humans may see in a fairy tail book, for him however it was yet another world he was to gather " his " riches from, after all treasures in exis
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I have the power! Chap.4 Infiltration!
    Okay, this took a while to make but now we'll continue Haci's story!
  Haci: Dude you really have to stop taking months at a time to write my story.
  Alright I get it let's just start already!
 Haci: About time! Check here for the first chapters:
" OFG "!     Exclaimed A league of Assassins guard as he fell down after being knocked out by one of Green arrow's boxing glove arrows, " Annnnnnd....... got it,"!
    Oliver Queen turned around with his phone out and with the volume down pressed a button for his new ringtone, " OFG"! 

    " Pretty cool right, I have a whole gallery here a-," Oliver is promptly whacked over the head by Canary.
    " Arrow, we're here to work not take audios of your weapon sound effects," Diana scolded.
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Hank J. Wimbleton by MetalLearner Hank J. Wimbleton :iconmetallearner:MetalLearner 28 17 Anais Nin Quote by RSeer Anais Nin Quote :iconrseer:RSeer 4 3 Super saiyan blue Goku from 'Dragon Ball Super' by Izarikotsuki Super saiyan blue Goku from 'Dragon Ball Super' :iconizarikotsuki:Izarikotsuki 20 6 Gust by FilipJKD Gust :iconfilipjkd:FilipJKD 86 10 Little golden one by AlviaAlcedo Little golden one :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,447 34 Ingrid Bergman Quote by RSeer Ingrid Bergman Quote :iconrseer:RSeer 14 6
Balrog vs Little Mac Battle

Kimi: Alright, the combatants are set.
Raven: The arena has been located and it's in our very own boxing ring. First the colosseum, now the boxing ring? Man, our boss sure can afford these things.
Yang: So are you two going to wear the bunny outfit and the referee shirt?
Kimi and Raven: No way!
Kimi: Not after last time. Most embarrassing day of my life...
Raven: Yeah and the referee shirt is itchy as hell. Plus I don't want to be anywhere near these two boxer when they step into the ring.
Aiko: No worries though, a faceless referee will be there.
Kimi: Well it was nice knowing that ref. Anyway, let's end this debate once and for all.
Yang: Let's start this Death Battle with a Yang!
Kimi and Raven: *groans in annoyance*
Yang: On come on, I totally nail that one!
Raven: Ugh... Just start the fucking thing...
location: Death Battle boxing ring
The cheering of the excited crowd echoed throughout the arena. They were excited for the up coming
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Balrog vs Little Mac Prelude

Raven: Long time ago, two Greek guys fought each other in a fist fight and then they turn it into a sport. In case you guys don't know your history, boxing is one of the oldest Olympic sport and it has been refined and perfected over nearly 3000 years.
Kimi: That's true. Not only boxing was seen in sports, it was seen in movies, anime, even games. And today we're pinning two classic video game boxers, head-to-head.
Yang: I'm excited for this battle. If what my sister told me about Death Battle is true, this fight is going to be awesome.
Raven: Balrog, the crazy buffalo from Street Fighter.
Kimi: And Little Mac, the quick footed underdog from Punch Out. I'm Kimi, she's Aiko and he's Raven and joining us today as the guest commentator is Team RWBY's muscle, Yang Xaio Long. And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.
:iconcobaltglacier:CobaltGlacier 12 10
Hey Hers by Romer-Kreatrix Hey Hers :iconromer-kreatrix:Romer-Kreatrix 119 22 How Original by leftcircle How Original :iconleftcircle:leftcircle 388 112 Don't ask for much really by zarla Don't ask for much really :iconzarla:zarla 5,731 1,163 quick Pokemon sketches by Cyilen quick Pokemon sketches :iconcyilen:Cyilen 5 2
DEATH BATTLE John Matrix VS John Rambo: FIGHT


BRICKHEAD: Alright the action heroes are loaded up and ready, it’s time to settle this debate once and for all.
   It was a peaceful day in the woods, the sun shined, the woodland critters were all calm and unharmed, and a large man was collecting large firewood. The large man was known as John Matrix, a former green beret, now retired and living in a cabin in the woods with his daughter.
   His life had been mostly peaceful since his retirement, as he was prepared to spend the rest of his days in peace. But unbeknownst to him, a helicopter was on its way to Matrix’s location. John arrived to his house with the firewood and was greeted by his daughter. But before they could use the wood, the
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 20 21
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Oc: Shaytan Piedra by Sculla Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Oc: Shaytan Piedra :iconsculla:Sculla 7 4 Light Yagami by AkiraAlion Light Yagami :iconakiraalion:AkiraAlion 218 36
DEATH BATTLE John Matrix VS John Rambo: Prelude

BRICKHEAD: Big prelude, big So go check it out or whatever
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 11 13



 Yes this is late, but hey it's here anyway.

 Haci: Gotta have a lame excuse with no concept of time to confuse the readers, right babe?

 Enough out of you!


    Instead of being scared or shocked though the Gepo was actually sporting a wild tusky smile getting up and walking towards the newly powered up Exade with an out stretched hand, " Glady, show me your power,"!

  With that the Gepo warrior shot out numerous lasers at Haci who simply formed a shield around himself not with his Nth metal but with the very energies he had stored in himself causing the attacks to bounce off and land elsewhere creating massive explosions everywhere one of which vaporized a entire mountain range!

    Suddenly sensing something behind him the anti-hero teleported away from a point black laser aimed at his head from the back, " Fool me once shame on you," Exade laughed as he reappeared right next to Yafe, " Fool me twice,-".

    Right as Yafe swung to hit him the giant felt a massive blow to the bottom of his spine," I snap your spine in two,"!

    With just a simple heel kick the jumper had sent Yafe soaring through a good couple miles into the sky, flying after him Exade caught up to the giant in less then a few seconds but instead decided to punch him even high and higher still, it wasn't long before the two were far above the Earth looking down upon it along with the satellites in space! 

    Coming in for another blow the anti-hero found his punch blocked by Yafe' forearm, then grabbed by his other hand to be pulled into a hard knee that due to it's size hit his while front body, then the Gepo flipped over to kick down the vigilante who caught the attack and flipped the Gepo over into an uppercut!

    Both stood back away from the other for about a second as they smiled viciously before going ham in a flurry of martial arts expertise Dbz style!   Punches were dodged or blocked, kicks were deflected, and grapples were countered accordingly.  The two created giant shockwaves from their clash, which was odd because sound shouldn't happen in space, putting off that thought Exade just focused on the current situation.

    Good thing too because Yafe had formed a giant laser spear out of his Match energy  which he attempted to impale the jumper on had Exade not dodged at the last second forming a pair of gauntlets on his arms with his Nth metal which he infused with his own energy mix to catch the spear in his hands!

    Just as he did though it shrunk into a whip that latched around his neck, a wild smirk form of Yafe's face as he snapped it back to punch the traveler who blocked with a Nth metal shield, but the Gepo persisted as hammered away at the defense until he ended up stabbing himself on the newly formed spikes around the shield!

    Ignoring the pain Yafe then flung Exade away towards Earth firing multiple needle like lasers at him, only for the shiled to block them all.

    Catching himself in mid-air the jumper decided to try out something, he stood out with his legs apart and cupped his hands, now he couldn't talk because sound couldn't travel in space, but he could think the words, " KA....ME.....HA...ME.......- ( The traveler then teleported right above the Gepo)

    HA,"!     The giant mix of Nuclear and quantum energy shot out right at Yafe who was actually able to not only look back at the young man but also smile coly as he to disappeared from sight as the attack neared Earth at a very rapid rate!

    Alarmed at his foe's speed Ezade looked all over for the Gepo until something else happened, " Very good child, but play time's over,".

    Exade was dead silent, " Wait your a telepath, how!?

     He received a mental chuckle in response, "You'll learn in time boy for now I believe it's time we get serious,".

Them Yafe appeared directly under the jumper grabbing him in a huge bear hug that was actually hurting the traveler, even weirder was that his body heat was rising at a ridiculous rate as it scorched the young man's Nth metal armor almost melting through it, but through it all the jumper smiled.

    " It appears I have a lot to learn about this new energy type, good thing you already showed me a neat trick," with that the said Swade called back the attack which was about to land on a small farm in Kansas, greatly shocking it's residents, and angering their adopted son who had come for a visit that day.....

    The blast having lost no momentum soon slammed into Yafe's back, it didn't stop there as it also began to sink through him incinerating every atom in it's way, in agony the Gepo let go of a shocked Exade who not wanting to seriously injure the giant reached out to stop the attack, and to his surprise it just vanished!

    " Woah, I really do have a lot to learn about Match energy..... oh wait Yafe!," 

    Reaching the Gepo he soon found out most of his entire backside was gone, not burned off, just flat out non-existent!

    " Oh no..... l-le-...let me help you, what should I do," Exade yammered frantically!

    Yafe just smirked wearily, " Don't....worry....kid.......I'll're pretty good, be seeing ya around,". And like that Yafe just vanished again likely going back home to recuperate.

    (Stop music)

    With the battle over Sade just flew back to Earth contemplating on the events of the last few minutes, " Wow.... that was insanely cool! More still I have even more to discover about not just myself but the powers I wield, nothing could ruin this moment,"!

    Just as Swade was about to teleport back to his RV someone did just that, " Hey you, let's talk abit,".

    The jumper turned around to see a very familiar red caped hero just a few feet above him, and worse yet he was not in the least bit happy.

    Exade laughed nervously, " Hey Superman,".

    And that should do it for now.

    Haci: What you leave me in a bad situation with Superman and that's it!

    Hey anymore and the chapter loses it's main focus which was the battle, so later!

    Haci: Hey wait I'm not done with you!
The title is the name of my first webcomic that is still being written!

So at advice on how to make it better, I have two pages up right now;)…
Script 1 by Fatefulbrawl

Script 2 by Fatefulbrawl

Script 3 by Fatefulbrawl

Script 4 by Fatefulbrawl

Script 5 by Fatefulbrawl

Script 6 by Fatefulbrawl
Far out: Page 2
Okay here's page 2 of the comic, sorry it took me so long, also the story is still developing so give it time, world-building is a delicate process;)

Title page:…

First page:…



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Ladger (Cameron) adger
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United States
I'm a up and coming young artist who is looking to make a name for himself while experiencing and learning from others! “Intelligence work has one moral law—it is justified by results.” -John Le Carre, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. ( 10)

I've been fortunate to come on places where the question isn't why I did I do it? The question to me is always, why didn't anybody else do it before me? Those are the ones I scratch my head about.
-Todd McFarlane

Have An Open Mind.. But In Moderation by TheArtFrog Music Inspires Me. by PhysicalMagic I Really Can't Stand Wilful Ignorance by TheArtFrog I Love Spaceships Stamp by TheArtFrog Nocturnal Artist by rJoyceyy It really isn't. by World-Hero21 Homework Is Bad For A Child's Health And Learning by TheArtFrog Emotions Are a Delicate Thing by Mintaka-TK Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin :thumb585697136: Don't Go There by PigsTail Offensive Garbage by crimsonsaphire Da Addict - stamp by Legendary--Warrior
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Children Are People, Not Possessions by Rogue-Ranger Speaking as Someone Who Went Through the UK System by Mintaka-TK
Wonder Rabbit by Wonder-Rabbit


When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot.
What are the Beats -- the major events/turning points in the story? Sketch those (rough) and lay them out. Does the story still make sense? Time for in-betweens -- how do the peeps move/act from beat to beat? More roughs.
Example. Lifeguard at the beach - swimmers - victim. Lifeguard saves the day.
Beats: Beach overview (intro/setup). Establish lifeguard. Introduce swimmer. Big wave. Crowd response. Lifeguard acts! Drama in water. All flop on beach. Finale.

And you've got something with the beginning, middle, and end. Stuff and add diversions/accents to your heart's content. Your collection of roughs and betweens will lay out your story, so all you have to do is decorate them.

I figured when I saw: "That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors."

I also just want to add something to this:
"When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot."

While I do agree, I also disagree.
As an author myself, I've seen, more often than not, that while having an end idea in view is a good idea, it's never best to lock in that ONE idea.
As I've stated before: let your characters surprise you. Let them grow. Real people are always changing, so, to make your characters real, let them grow as well. The end may not be the same as you planned.
By not forcing them to end exactly the way you have already planned, you have given them the ability to become 'real' people.


You want my advice though mate? Write what you want to see written. That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors. Think of your favorite book, if there were any qualities you felt that book was missing, write something with those qualities. And definitely do not write something just because people will be interested in it, if the story is not from your own heart and soul, it won't be any good. Never write because people will read it, write because you want it to be read. "In Heaven, there's a library, and one of the aisles in that library, is dedicated to all the books never written, don't let your story be in that aisle."-Ryan P. Freeman. Writing is something special, you have the power to create, everything you write is your world, you make the rules, the physics, the chemistry, everything is yours. That's what differs us writers from the artists on DA, while they create one picture that shows a snapshot of an incomplete world, we complete our worlds, flesh out the details, the readers see it all. Write the world you want to exist, it's your's to create. So, write what you want to see written. That's the best advice I can give you mate. Good luck!-…

hehe rate me by SunnyCatArts2023

( Also if you cannot find some of my works look in the journal section as deviantart loves to troll me with this making some of my literature into journals prank, well joke's on it here's a sample of what's there Childhood innocense vs adult lust:prelude!!  

     Aladdin: Why are we doing another prelude when the one we are doing currently is not exactly done yet we only have the first few parts.
   Fateful: Because that one will take a long while to finish do to all the creatures the TF2 crew have to deal with in the wastelands, but also because this Brawl gets my interest as of now.
  Red hood: Anyway what happens when children get ready to explore the sexuality of the adult world in a more violent way, and no I'm not talking about BDSM or masochistic pleasures.
  Aladdin: But let's see what happens when a robot child  gets the " quality time" with a female witch who is a good bit rowdy?
  Fateful: Well let's get this prelude started beam'em in! Also Thanks to and for the bios!
    ( Megaman and Bayonetta get beamed into the mansion)
and What is life to you? Find your purpose!   
Hey it's ladger back with another introspective/philosophical piece if you want to check out my other look here:
 anyway I just wanted to talk about this for a while now, but got caught up in other things namely drawing and martial arts but reading this from a retiring vs debater/artist:
really got me thinking about some parts of life we take to lightly, to heavily, ignore, give control to others, etc. And before I go yes I understand not all things, people, experiences, or anything for that matter are equal.  It all really just depends on who your talking to, what they believe, their culture, living environment, etc there are really to many ways to ponder in this subject so I'll get you all started smoothly!
Before I go on it seems fair too say no one can ever truly tell you about life's great wonders nothing can prepare you for it and the best way to do it is to just

Eye witness testimony and personal experience are unreliable as evidence to prove extraordinary claims. Our senses can be fooled, our minds can hallucinate or misinterpret. Everyone knows this, of course, but we treat it like we treat the notion that dogs can be dangerous: it only applies to other people, never our own pets. My Fluffy would never bite someone!…

sure~ this may not be what you expect to hear, but dont show your drawings to just anyone. alot of people are really discouraging and will make you only see flaws in the work you were just so proud of before showing them. Be proud for yourself and don't let others' opinions get to you. you'll start doubting yourself and the quality of your work will decrease. trust me, once you do that, your drawings will get better so much faster. Also, draw for yourself and for fun and not to impress others. When you enjoy what you're doing, it shows up in your art ///// : / yeah and I'm definitely speaking from experience. once I stopped showing negative people, I wasn't as hard on myself when I made a mistake, i was always motivated to draw, and I was in a good mood when i practiced. And I say it's always good to work on anatomy, but even with that, don't be too tough on yourself. If you look closely at the professional manga and anime artists, like if you look behind all the fancy color and extra detail, you see that they have a lot of obvious anatomical mistakes, like, a lot. So as long as you are confident and feel positive about what you were able to do, people wont look at your art for accuracy, but for the the amount of creativity you put in it…
Yeah, so loving... NOT! by FluffyFerret97 Death for Religion by FluffyFerret97 HeteroRomantic BiSexual Free Thinking Deviant by LittleStamps Petty People Piss Me Off by TheArtFrog I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte I can't think of a name stamp by In-The-Machine To Be Fair Most If Not All Countries Are Sh*tholes by TheArtFrog Stamp: Under 18 by Azrael-Legna
Your Adventure Awaits stamp by katamariluv Stamp - Try Turning Your Weaknesses Into Art by Kushell (Actually, So Do I!) by Mintaka-TK gay by saltystamped Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox We Laugh and Learn Together stamp by katamariluv My instincts tell me what is and is not 'love' by Little-rolling-bean I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog OLD REQ: Guilt-trippers by World-Hero21
Fantasies by LittleStamps Little Things Add up to Big Things stamp by katamariluv Think, Dream, Plan bottlecap by katamariluv Today is Going to Be the Best stamp by katamariluv
Pro Net Neutrality Stamp by TheArtFrog How I discovered what I want to do with my life?Firstly, I tried being and doing what I thought was amazing.
Pursued being a scientist, wrote novels, tried making a comic and made art (supposedly to illustrate those novels).
And actually giving these things a go revealed:
Being a scientist is slow/mundane work. It's not like being Tony Stark or Rick from Rick and Morty - or the things that attracted me to it. And it takes a lot of time to be any good at it, as much as it takes to be a decent illustrator. It makes sense, but some part of me was expecting something different. (And I realized that I do not feel like the work sparkles, it's cool yeah, but it doesn't sparkle), so I quit at my third year of Ph.D. studies. 
Writing novels (and making comics) is fun, but to me it's like hobby??, for a lack of a better word. I write them. I become super busy for a month or two. And then I come back and I have finished a novel. And I feel happy. I got my fill of it. But I have no motivation to re
Difference by Akhnaton-II Though This Is Because Technology Is Inanimate by Mintaka-TK I want proof! by OurHandOfSorrow Freedom of religion... by BlackJill Sure, I'll respect your Religion! If... by OurHandOfSorrow Wrath of Gods | DEATH BATTLE!
    Raiden: Alright, the combatants are set! Let end this debate once and for all... Finally!
    Makoto: After all these years, right? Get pumped, because it's time for a DEATH BATTTTTTTTTLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Beerus' Planet...
    On the green surface of the lower part of the oddly shaped planet, an odd creature lay on his side with his head resting on his hand, looking out over the river. His skin was purple, he had the long ears and face of a jackal, and his tail waved around randomly. He wore very little to cover his unnaturally thin body, but he at least had baggy blue pants, a black stripe with white and orange diamonds in front of them. and pointed shoes along with a black and blue pad to cover his shoulders.
    He may have looked a bit silly, but he was still of great importance. For he was the God of Destruction himself, Beerus

:thumb699386599: Space Elevator by TheArtFrog :thumb90574606: Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound REQUEST: Not an excuse by World-Hero21 I am a FIGHTER - stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK Stamp: Stop harassing them by Azrael-Legna ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK :thumb703012662: I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Not a loser by Akhnaton-II Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna OLD REQ: Don't pull the victim card. by World-Hero21 Being happy is NOT NORMAL. by Little-rolling-bean 5 calories are burned every time you get bullied. by Little-rolling-bean Tradition! Tradition!  by Little-rolling-bean Women can be men but men cannot be women by Little-rolling-bean
Straights are not oppressed by Akhnaton-II Stamp: Bull-fucking-shit by Riza-Izumi I support non offending pedophiles by Akhnaton-II .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot We Can't Overcome The Bad If We Can't Laugh At It by TheArtFrog Winston Churchill Quote by Sykadia i support ninjas by Bad-Blood Stamp - Kendo by Renkashi :thumb698985469:
Originality stamp by TheCynicalHound Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Stamp: my god is better than your god by KrisTheTrashLord Lives Are Far More Important Than Your Religion! by TheArtFrog whatever makes YOU smile by Dusk-deerfluff Don't Forget Yourself. by Snuf-Stamps remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler It is NOT rape by CobraCorroso ''I'm not racist because I'm not white'' by OpposingViews :iconmaturity1plz: :iconmaturity2plz: ''WAAAH STOP BASHING MY FAITH FOR GOOD REASONS'' by Mintaka-TK Robert Ballard - discovering geothermal-based life by YamaLama1986 Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna Children are humans, not pretty little dolls. by Little-rolling-bean I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog
A Note to SJWs, LGBT+Phobes, And Many More by Foxstar241 Anti-Police Brutality by Mintaka-TK There Are Actually Legit Reasons Why You... by Mintaka-TK ''LOOK AT MAH CUUUUUUURVES'' by Mintaka-TK Is There Such a Thing as an Unbiased Source? by Mintaka-TK Say fuck no to government censorship. by XxLady-RussiaxX I Am Not My Country... I Am My Own Individual! by TheArtFrog Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog (I Understand This, Being an Anime Fan) by Mintaka-TK
Education Is Far More Effective Than Coercion by TheArtFrog Refusing To Question Your Beliefs Is The Worst Sin by TheArtFrog Again, An Age Gap Isn't Always Creepy... by Mintaka-TK Believe it or not by LadyRebeccaStamps
Quit While You're Ahead Before the Rot Kicks In! by Mintaka-TK I Believe in Dragons. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Blue Moon by EmpathicDesign Please finish conversations by A3G15-XIII Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog HUMANOIDS being bestiality? Idk... by Little-rolling-bean Today I learned that: the word "lord" is derived from the Middle English period, and originally was spelled "hlafweard", which translated to "bread guardian", referencing the feudal lord's position as being in charge of feeding and keeping his subjects healthy, in exchange for their loyalty. See "loaf" (hlaf) and "warden" (weard). Shortened and warped by the process of time, "hlafweard" becomes "hlafard" and eventually "lord".

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Emotional Instability by Mintaka-TK Not a valid art block excuse by achthenuts Mere Punishment Doesn't Reduce Crime by TheArtFrog Disagree With Views. NOT Facts! by TheArtFrog
Linguistics, man Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Privacy is a Right (Stamp) by TheArtFrog You are Not Entitled to an Ignorant Opinion by TheArtFrog Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Unable To Think Stamp by StampBandWagon AmericanDreaming posted a status
The most frustrating thing I encounter on deviant art isn't disagreement, crazy beliefs, trolls, etc. It's people who don't understand the point being made (no matter how clear I try to be), and then respond to some phantom argument I never made, or position I don't hold. People occasionally ask for clarification, which I'm happy to provide, but more often, they just go into full outrage mode. Let's Get Started! Class 1Class is in session. So you're either new to drawing, or you've been drawing for a while and you're having trouble. :iconcrydesuplz: Maybe it's the anatomy, maybe it's the pose. Well we're here to help. :iconyeashplz:
Follow along and take notes. Don't forget to sketch along with the videos.
How to improve fast:
Now for some anatomy:
Homework: :iconwhatwhereplz:
Post a link to your homework (If you decide to do it) in the comment section along with any questions. We're here to help :iconairpunchplz:
Nikola Tesla - humanity's need of invention by YamaLama1986
Small Breasts Still Matter by Aclianna Saiyan pride stamp by war-armor Atheist Doesn't Equal Satanist by n0-username Say It With Me! :DI am not my foot size.
I am not my finger width.
I am not my eyebrow length.
I am not my eye colour.
I am not my hair colour.
I am not my skin colour.
I am not my genitalia.
I am not my sexuality.
I am not my ancestors. 
I am not my friends.
I am not my family.
I am not other people.
I am not the music I listen to.
I am not the fiction I read.
I am not the fiction I write.
I am not the games I play.
I am not the films I watch.
I am not my personal preferences.
I am my actions.
I am my ideas.
I am my ideals.
I am my world views.
I am my personality.
I am my merits.
I am the content of my character.
I am an individual.
I am me.

:thumb641494714: Seize This Day stamp by katamariluv Stay Positive bottlecap by katamariluv No matter what, stay strong...Whether a bad past, too much stress, health problems, bullying, friends leaving, betrayal, drama, or anything else bad happens...
Don't give up or give in. You're not the only one to face these things and never will be. We all faced simmer things and survived through it. Don't bring more harm to yourself by treating your skin as paper and cutting it or trying to kill yourself. Life gets better and it's not just a saying. It's said because it's true. That those who say it has experienced problems or pain. Life doesn't remain one way forever. Sure bad things may have happened for years and years, but look at your age now and compare it to how long you can live...
Do you really think those terrible things will follow you forever? That life will stay it's bleak shape forever? Tell me...

Do you really know? Or...are you guessing? 

Life will be hard. No doubt about it. And yes, it will continue to get harder from here. But it won't be hard  where it can't be


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